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Having a Facebook fanpage and other social media channels can be fun, but whith time it could turn into a nightmare if you don't schedule your posts and/or tasks in order to gain time off your computer. I mean, we all need to eat, sleep, work, be with the family, have fun with friends, etc. aren't we?

Use FPTraffic to easily find, schedule, and post content on your Facebook Pages.

Facebook has a scheduling tool, but with FPTraffic you simply create your schedule and then search through all our photo sources for content related to your Pages.

When you find a photo you want to post to your Page, click on it and it'll automatically be added to your queue.

FPTraffic is the best and quickest tool to find and schedule content to be posted to your Facebook Pages!

 fpt_photos fpt_posts fpt_amazon

Did I mention that FPTraffic will also help you monetize your Fanpages? Well, you'll also be able to to find Amazon products to sale through your fapages….

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