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By Emily J James


Here are 3 easy yet powerful strategies to explode your Facebook marketing:

1. Implement The Science Behind Adding Friends On Facebook

Are you the marketer that just adds anyone on Facebook? Well, you definitely shouldn't if you are an Entrepreneur trying to marketing your business online. Doesn't it make sense to connect with other active Entrepreneurs as opposed to just anyone? You want to connected with targeted prospects who are also business minded marketers and possibly already currently marketing a business online. These people are targeted leads for your business! Be sure to review each person you decide to connect with or add as a friend. If they look like an Entrepreneur or promoting a business this is someone you want to connect with as they are like minded just like you and you can work on building a long term business relationship with that individual. If your prospect doesn't have a profile picture, or their profile doesn't look like they are Entrepreneurial then I would decline their request and not choose to connect with them. Not to be rude, but remember the purpose of why you are on Facebook in the first place. To connect with people, build relationships and turn them into prospects for your business!

2. Don't Forget To Build Relationships With Your Facebook Friends

So now you are connecting with new people on Facebook on a daily basis, but how much talking are you really doing? Are you approaching your prospects, private messaging them and asking them relationship building questions to find out more about who they are as a person, or what they are interested in? Are you finding out what business they are involved in or possibly how they market their business online? If you are not asking questions to uncover their problem then how can you that person that provides them with the solution? You can't! So don't forget to connect with your prospects, and like, comment or share their Facebook status updates so they can see you are actively interested in them.

3. Make Sure You Build A Highly Targeted Prospect List On Facebook & Market To Them Daily

If you are not categorising your friends into "lists" on Facebook and marketing to them, you are missing out on a powerful highly targeted marketing strategy that can dramatically take your business to the next level. You will ultimately build a list of friends of up to 5000 people. So you want to make sure that you categorise them into lists dependent on what type of prospect they are. Maybe you would like to create a list specifically for "Esencial Marketing Network" prospects.

Now is the time to take a look at your Facebook marketing strategies and make the changes you need to finally explode your Facebook marketing. By implementing these easy yet powerful strategies, you will keep your approach fresh, and your motivation levels will stay high. So how are you going to implement these strategies to take your business to the next level? Make sure you go to http://www.OnlineWithEmilyJames.com for more tips and for FREE access to my 7 Day Facebook Rockstar Bootcamp

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